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Voice Lessons by Justin Tanner

Zephyr Theatre

"CRITIC'S CHOICE  Those who almost lost bladder control watching Waiting for Guffman will love Voice Lessons, Justin (Pot Mom) Tanner’s satirical portrait of an indefatigable community theater actress. This one-act comedy at the Zephyr Theatre features a performance by Laurie Metcalf that must be seen to be believed. I sat through it and am still not sure what passed before me. The ghost of Andy Kaufman? Nails on a chalkboard? Self-loathing turned utterly inside out into something oddly transcendent?...  Tanner and Bart DeLorenzo, both credited as directors, free Metcalf to find a performance that is excruciating, hilarious and rather moving. " -- Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times


World premiere at the Zephyr Theatre, April 2009


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