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Fast Company by Carla Ching

South Coast Repertory 

World premiere at South Coast Repertory, October 2013


"Ching knows her grifter lingo well and is obviously a student and fan of classic Hollywood con movies. As is director Bart DeLorenzo, who teams with Keith Mitchell to create a slick, very Hollywood-like, image-intensive series of moving screens, including maps charting characters' movement (they range from Buenos Aires and Las Vegas to New York) to textual projections of their roles in each con (think Guy Ritchie's music video-cum-film Snatch). It's cinematic storytelling, but it adds to the piece's frenetic pace rather than getting in the way of the dialogue." -- Joel Beers, OC Weekly


"The plot is quick and clever, and Bart DeLorenzo's fleet staging has a captivating bounce that's enlivened by Jason H. Thompson's sprightly projections." -- Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

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