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The False Servant by Pierre Marivaux / adapt. Martin Crimp
Evidence Room and Odyssey Theatre

Los Angeles premiere at the Odyssey Theatre, July 2015


"Theatre is one of my all consuming passions, and occasionally there’s a show so superlative, that when it ends you want to leap from your seat, yell at the actors and stage artists to stay put, then run from the theatre, go bolt up and down the street, strong-arm anyone available back to the theatre, then pluck them down in a seat, turn back to the cast and crew and bark, “Do it! Do it again! Show them why theatre kicks ass!” I am happy to report the production of Pierre de Marivaux’s The False Servant at the Odyssey is one such show... As director, DeLorenzo’s touch is velvet, and each movement played in perfect tempo. If one word was needed to describe what he achieves on stage that word would be “refinement.” Not a term often found in theatre today or the world at large." - Ernest Kearney,

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