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Hir by Taylor Mac

Odyssey Theatre

Los Angeles premiere at the Odyssey Theatre, January 2019


“CRITIC'S CHOICE  Director Bart DeLorenzo and his four actors fearlessly propel this humorous/horrific tale of a young soldier who returns home to find it changed: His domineering, abusive father is debilitated; his mother is in charge; and his sibling is transitioning genders. Patriarchy is in decline, but Mac isn’t delivering liberal claptrap, instead pushing back against beliefs of all kinds in this age of antagonism.” – Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times


“’s this cast, and the guidance of their director, that makes it into one of those unequivocally superb evenings of theater that only come along once or twice per season. More than capable of conveying the inner complexities of their characters, they are also skilled enough with the language that they find the musicality of Mac’s words and make the play truly 'sing.'.” – John Paul King, LA Blade

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