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Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen / adapt. Richard Eyre
Odyssey Theatre

Odyssey Theatre, September 2022


“Brilliantly cast and directed… What stands out in this superb production is Bart DeLorenzo’s incisive direction. The casting—always the first challenge—is perfectly apt, with each actor convincingly inhabiting their role with gusto. Every reaction, gesture and exchange between the players is beautifully choreographed within a play that navigates the subtleties of the unspoken as well as the forthright confrontations.” – Pauline Adamek, ArtsBeatLA


“Director Bart DeLorenzo is the perfect partner to bring Eyre’s searing downsized one-act take on Ibsen’s play to the Odyssey in a reverently sparse but effective mounting…”   – Travis Michael Holder, TicketHolders LA

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