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One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace

Evidence Room

“But in Bart DeLorenzo’s staging for Evidence Room at Culver City's Ivy Substation, we don't feel the scale of the horror as much as we do its intensity… The production, which marks Evidence Room's return from eight months of limbo, is perhaps the most cogent and intelligent work the company has done. Rather than strain to be clever, it just is clever, in the way it supports a clever play without gimmickry. The drama is driven less by a plot than by a series of revelations. A less assured director would have pushed the pace to compensate for the absence of a central action. DeLorenzo, however, trusts the play's words, its images and – most important – his actors.” – Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

Los Angeles premiere at the Ivy Substation, September 1998


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