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The Receptionist by Adam Bock

Evidence Room and Odyssey Theatre

"The play, a co-production between Odyssey Theatre (where it’s playing) and Evidence Room, seems at first like a tediously protracted skit on the time-wasting rituals and inane co-worker banter of corporate life in America. (Chris Covics’ sterile workplace set and Ann Closs-Farley’s suburban costumes nail the milieu.) The banality, especially acute in the scenes between controlling, busybody Beverly and flirty, always-late Lorraine (Jennifer Finnigan), is put forth with a deadpan that leaves a lingering satiric aftertaste. But there’s a darker point to this slow-drip dramatization, handled with patience and a fair amount of precision by director Bart DeLorenzo, that goes beyond white-collar mockery." -- Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles premiere -- Evidence Room / Odyssey Theatre, August 2009


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