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Annapurna by Sharr White

Odyssey Theatre and The New Group

Los Angeles premiere -- Evidence Room / Odyssey Theatre, April 2013

New York premiere -- The New Group, April 2014

“CRITIC'S CHOICE  Director Bart DeLorenzo elicits achingly slice-of-life turns from his superb performers in a play that builds masterfully from the hilarious to the tragic.” -- F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times


“The production, first presented by Odyssey Theater Ensemble in Los Angeles, and here by the New Group, has been efficiently directed by Bart DeLorenzo. The title refers both to the mountain in the Himalayas and to the epic poem Ulysses has been writing in the years since his marriage ended. It’s symbolic, of course, as he hints to Emma when their cantankerous give-and-take begins to soften. A famous climber who wrote a book about his experience nearly lost toes and fingers when, on the descent, he made the seemingly small mistake of dropping his gloves. Thus, in an instant, can a promising life unravel.” – Charles Isherwood, New York Times

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