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tokyo fish story by Kimber Lee

South Coast Repertory

“The prosaic title doesn’t do it justice, but Kimber Lee’s new play, tokyo fish story (the lower case is intentional), is a small gem. Now in a limited run on the Julianne Argyros Stage at South Coast Repertory, it is a sweet, surprisingly poetic 100-or-so-minutes about the value of having values, including, in Japan, the serious interweaving rituals of food, art and life. How they enrich and complement one another. But it’s also more...  The play is so precisely and delicately written, and so faithfully staged by director Bart DeLorenzo, that all of Lee’s subtleties and pauses and half-sentences and truncated words add up to a rich, enthralling fresh language for the stage.”  -- Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly

World premiere at South Coast Repertory, April 2015


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