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No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase / adapt. Robert David MacDonald
Evidence Room

West Coast premiere at the Ivy Substation , October 1999


“What this Evidence Room production has up its sleeve is an intelligent cast of actors and, in Bart DeLorenzo, a director who is keenly attuned to the menacing vibrations of MacDonald’s script and the black-light vision of novelist Chase… But it is DeLorenzo’s appreciation of Miss Blandish’s Depression-era milieu, as well as the play’s improbabilities – its malarial, Midwestern Catholicism, as well as the inexplicable East Coast accents of some characters – that capture the country’s perky cynicism... In the end, DeLorenzo’s Miss Blandish views like Brecht without the politics, a Darwinian tableau of little fish getting eaten by bigger ones.” – Steven Mikulan, LA Weekly

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