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Saved by Edward Bond

Evidence Room

“The play’s beauty lies in Bond having the courage to let them be, without comment or condemnation. They are so true to themselves, to their hollow bravado and neuroses, we’re invited not so much to empathize with them as to imagine the causes of their behavior, based on the evidence supplied by the play. This is hard work, the rewards of which are truly gratifying. Rather than being an essay – or an allegory, or even a satire – the play is a prism through which we may see ourselves. If we dare. I saw the 1985 revival of Saved, directed by Danny Boyle at the Royal Court Theatre, a portentous and sluggish affair compared to Bart DeLorenzo’s pulsating rendition for Evidence Room. Ann Closs-Farley’s costumes insist the play is of an era, while DeLorenzo’s abstractions insist it’s not.” – Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

Evidence Room, October 2000


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