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Too Much Sun by Nicky Silver

Indie Chi Productions at Odyssey Theatre

West Coast premiere at the Odyssey Theatre, March 2019


“DeLorenzo has assembled a superb cast and an exceptional design team for this West Coast premiere, and he doesn’t miss a trick in his well-paced show.” -– F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

"With all the talent behind it – not the least of which belongs to its gifted playwright – there’s no surprise in the fact that “Too Much Sun” is a completely enjoyable theatrical experience, with just the right mix of the traditional and the edgy to make it feel both less and more “dangerous” than it is. What comes as a bonus is the reflective, almost uplifting calm that comes at the end of a play that started out seeming like a hard-edged, raucous farce."

– John Paul King, Los Angeles Blade

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