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Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress by a Life in Progress by Joan Rivers

Geffen Playhouse

World premiere at the Geffen Playhouse, February 2008


"But in the end, anything bearing the 'Joan Rivers' brand needs to yield laughs first and foremost, so how funny is this evening? Can we talk? Program estimates length as 1 hour 40 minutes, “more if you laugh, less if you don’t.” Opening night clocked in at just under two hours, as aud embraced the star in one big collective hug. You bet it’s funny, and in its best moments truthful as well." -- Bob Verini, Variety


“Director Bart DeLorenzo’s keen directing ear has kept the show funny, honest and poignant, never letting it teeter into bitterness or excessive vulgarity.  The dressing room scenes aren’t all about funny. Rivers puts her demotion down to three little letters: age... Rivers takes those 74 years and makes them work for her. She doesn't say this is only the beginning but it sure doesn’t sound like Sayonara. More like Encore!” – Laura Hitchcock, Curtain Up

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