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The Projectionist by Michael Sargent
Kirk Douglas Theater

"A sense of peeping in on real life pervades Michael Sargent's The Projectionist, a noir-influenced comic melodrama about, and performed within, a seedy movie lobby. Script is thin, but sharp acting and helmer Bart DeLorenzo's lurid trappings make for a memorably creepy entry in CTG's 'Douglas Plus' series of experimental entertainments... Still, at a running time just over an hour, DeLorenzo’s wizardry maintains enough balls in the air to keep us rapt. Among the coolest devices are the subtle miking of the outdoor action beyond the glass doors and a brief side trip to the pulsating projection booth above. Given the cramped, makeshift quarters, Anne Militello’s lighting effects are nothing short of miraculous." -- Bob Verini, Variety


World premiere at the Kirk Douglas Theater - Center Theater Group, March 2009


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