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Delirium Palace by Gordon Dahlquist

Evidence Room

“CRITIC'S CHOICE  It’s highly stage-worthy. And this Evidence Room production, staged with wicked precision by Bart DeLorenzo, brings out every ounce of its atmospheric possibilities… The sexual daydreams (a lot of finger-sucking here) suggest David Lynch or, from the stage, mind-benders such as Jeffrey Jones (Seventy Scenes of Halloween) or Eric Overmyer (Dark Rapture). Dahlquist takes his reality/fantasy questions increasingly seriously. Not all audiences will be willing to do the same, especially since he deploys those questions to edgy comic effect en route.  But a first-rate production is a first-rate production. I’m glad I saw this one. It’s proof of the continuing progress of Evidence Room, L.A.’s most valuable rising theater.”

– Michael Phillips, Los Angeles Times

World premiere at Inside the Ford, November 2001


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