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Coney Island Christmas by Donald Margulies

Geffen Playhouse

World premiere at the Geffen Playhouse, November 2012


"Director Bart DeLorenzo gives the piece a lovingly hilarious production, full of holiday memories. " -- Neal Weaver, LA Weekly


"But what's inside - not one but two kid pageants superbly staged by Bart DeLorenzo, and a pan-denominational message - is a jewel to be cherished... DeLorenzo masterfully engages a huge cast of twentysomethings -- and how great to see a huge cast on a stage again -- in Thanksgiving and Christmas extravaganzas done totally straight and unselfconsciously, corny props and all. (Ann Closs-Farley's costumes are a witty knockout.) Both plays-within-a-play are simply hilarious in their spot-on evocation of childhood performance values." -- Bob Verini, Variety

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