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Margo Veil by Len Jenkin

Evidence Room and Odyssey Theatre

Los Angeles premiere at the Odyssey Theatre, June 2011


“The tales-within-tales structure is a perfect fit for director Bart DeLorenzo, who consistently rises to intellectual challenges and honors playwright Jenkins’ love of storytelling in its myriad forms.” --  Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times


“Bart DeLorenzo’s direction is marvelously fluid, changing styles in a moment, and his command of theatrical tools is very much on display here. Every moment has been creatively conceived, from bigger things such as the ensemble providing funny but effective sound effects throughout or a lively dance where all the dancers die one by one, to the small but lovely detail of a jar of marmalade floating up into the falling Alice’s hand. I’ve thought DeLorenzo was probably the best director in L.A. for a while now—this tour de force proves it. Len Jenkin’s play is a fabulous recursive puzzle that celebrates the primacy of story with style and wit, and it’s found the ideal presenters in Evidence Room.” – Terry Morgan, LAist

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