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Andromache by Jean Racine

Evidence Room

“There’s no mistaking the theme of structural collapse in Andromache, as Evidence Room’s cavernous Culver City warehouse performance space reverberates with the roar of warplanes, the shredding of scenery fabric and the toppling of an enormous cloud-painted canvas precariously suspended above the stage. Yep, even the sky is falling in this freewheeling contemporary update of Jean Racine’s 1667 tragedy… It’s a risky conceit, to be sure, but despite some overreaching flourishes, director Bart DeLorenzo’s anachronistic resetting makes ingenious and satisfying connections to Racine’s text. It’s certainly true to the author’s adventurous spirit, which took plenty of liberties in contemporizing the Hellenic legends from which he drew his plots.” – Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

World premiere adaptation, May 1997


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