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bobrauschenbergamerica by Charles Mee

Inside the Ford

Los Angeles Premiere with TheSpyAnts at Inside the Ford, January 2010


"The play's beauty lies in how its form replicates the very shifts of perception Rauschenberg was aiming for in his sculpted collages of found junk. In the '50s, abstract expressionism was yielding to pop art, and there are elements of both in Mee's play, fully supported by Bart DeLorenzo's sometimes goofy, sometimes wry and occasionally earnest staging....  

In this way, director DeLorenzo underscores Mee's kaleidoscope of words, characters and actions, a kaleidoscope that defies the logic of a traditional drama by exposing multiple dimensions in tones both etherial and pop, not unlike a Rauschenberg sculpture." -- Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly


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